Accident Study [Doomed Poet | Master of Deception | Scientific Thinker | Arrogant Beast

| Transient Alien | Decapitated Clown | Man of Action | Frightful Nymph]

White wood, paint, concrete, Dragon Skin®, airbrush, torched polystyrene, air blower, inflatable ball, headlamps, electronics,
aloe, yellow 5, blue 1
36 x 36 x 48 inches



Accident Study [High Tide Electra]
2 min 30 sec




Accident Study [Hylomorphic Birth]


2 min 35 sec




Accident Study [Niche Seeker || Ancestor Fucker]

Laser engraved acrylic, wooden base, coyote taxidermy, gap filler, Dragon Skin®, pheasant feathers, ceramic,

glass, slime mold infused aloe, glycerin, yellow 5, blue 1

60 x 60 x 48 in








Accident Study [Iowa Moulter]
Myself, body paint, weaving by Yasmeen, skull ring, iPad, animation, lcd screens,

headphones, tiles, lights, headlamps, airbrushed polystyrene, wire, nine inch nails,

wasp nest from China, magnifying mirror, leaf, chief pin, Dragon Skin®, codeine, gloves, iPhone,

bottled flower water with aloe infused sperm, urine, cleaning fluids, yellow 5, blue 1







THELMA (Pink Burial Dress),

lightbox, steel mount, grandma's wooden fertility figure, aloe infused sperm, plants,

48" x 6" x 48"

1926 - 2012