Born 1982, High Plains, Kansas
Lives and works in New York


MFA, School of Visual Arts, New York

BFA, University of Kansas, Lawrence


2020 Istaqsinaayok, Kunsthalle Wichita, Kansas

2019 Become Gift | Sky Become Shadow, Interstate Projects, Brooklyn

2018 Prince Drama XV, 15 Orient, Brooklyn

2017 Metropolitan Book of the Dead, Valentin, Paris

2015 Anxiety Social Club, Ashes/Ashes, Los Angeles

2014 Pile of Mist, 247365, New York

        Stink By Instinct, Welcome Screen, London

2013 Ever Renewed and Renewing, Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics, Brooklyn

        Eternity Pains, MFA Thesis Exhibition, School of Visual Arts, New York
2010 Monumental Ghostly Heights, Dafeng Gallery, Beijing


2020 No Exit, Ashes/Ashes, New York

        Hudson Runway, 579 Hudson Street, by alLUPiNiT & Ratstar Press

2019 Dark Mode, Ashes/Ashes, New York

        Scarecrow Show, Green Thumb Farm, East Hampton, New York

        Commutiny, Sibling, Toronto, by Geetha Thurairajah

        Freehand, Sardine, Brooklyn, by Angela Conant

        Fantasy and Flesh, Marvin Gardens, Brooklyn by Kenneth Heyne

        They Who Walk Behind the Rows, False Flag, New York

        Hard to Be a Hole, Kunsthalle Wichita

2018 Exit Soul, Liberal Arts Roxbury, NY, by Brian Kokoska

        Fear Fair, (performance with Shpongle), Marinaro Gallery, New York, by Nathaniel de Large

        Crane Game, Cul-de-sac, Greenpoint Bridge, Brooklyn, by David Kirshoff

        Les Choses, Valentin, Paris

        Fire in the Mountains, Moran, Wyoming, by Holiday Forever

2017 Antifaratu, Galerie Mascota, Mexico City, by Wills Baker

        Summary, Valentin, Paris

        Hot Mud Fest, 81 Spook Rock Rd, Hudson NY, by Jesse Greenberg and Bobo

        Miserere Paraphrase, (with Ivana Basic), Holiday Forever, Jackson Hole

        Bradford Kessler's -1% & Paul Morrissey's Women in Revolt,Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn, by Matchcuts

        Art Los Angeles Contemporary, with Valentin, Los Angeles

2016 Forest of My Dead Cells, 032c Workshop, Berlin, by Korakrit Arunanondchai

        Show Divers, Valentin, Paris

        Body Holes,, 9th Berlin Biennale

        Cure Cruelty, (with Rafael Delacruz & Quintessa Matranga), Kunsthalle Wichita

        Ready To Drop (with Body by Body & Erin Jane Nelson), Springsteen, Baltimore

        Six Memos For The Next Millenium, Cave, Mallorca, Spain, by Mario Suardiaz

2015 Some Gallerists, The Duck, Berlin, by M/L Artspace

        PĿΛNΞS, Bas Fisher Invitational, Miami, by Annika Kuhlmann & Anna Frost

        An Adventure Film Starring Tom Hanks, Rockaway, Queens, by

        Land Lords, (with Alessandro Agudio & Michael Assiff), MonCHÉRI, Brussels

        AFA2, 63rd-77th Steps, Pane e Pomodoro Beach, Bari

        Narrow Waves, Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, by Springsteen

        F·R·I·E·N·D·S , Evelyn Yard, London, by Michael Pybus

        Finally Every Dimension of the Soil, American Medium, New York

        Please Excuse Our Appearance, 247365, New York

        Stoneroses 2, Grunewald, Berlin, by Santiago Taccetti & Mirak Jamal

        CKTV Karaoke, Red Bull Studios, New York, by Chris Rice & Joe Kay

        NYC Porn Film Festival, Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn

        Together Forever, 138 Eldridge #1F, New York, by Taylor Trabulus & Scarlett Connolly

        Das Gesamtsexwerk, Spectrum, Brooklyn, by M/L Artspace

2014 Sous La Moquette/La Moquette, Ashes/Ashes, Los Angeles

        Art Basel Mukwonago, Bahamas Biennale, Mukwonago, WI, by Sean J. Patrick Carney

        The Botanica, Invisible Exports, New York, by AA Bronson & Michael Bühler-Rose

        Dogs Chase Balls, Carrie Secrist Gallery, Chicago, by No Space

        Heathers, Rowing, London, by Alex Ross

        AA Bronson's House of Shame, Gwangju Biennale, by AA Bronson

        Dull Theatrics, Penelope, Queens, by Mark Sengbusch

        Brunette, (ft. Nathan Whipple), Otion Front, Brooklyn

        Maspeth World of Wheels, with 247365, Knockdown Center, Queens

        Science Faction, Eastern Bloc, Montreal

        Phresh Produce, 27 Orchard Street, by BCALLA and Ms. Fitz, New York

        Magnum Opus, Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Wilmington

        Paramount Ranch, with Audio Visual Arts, Los Angeles

        Pyramid Scheme, 204 25th Street, Brooklyn

2013 Art | Basel Miami, Eternal Boy launch with Printed Matter, Miami

        The Temptation of AA Bronson, Witte de With, Rotterdam

        Frequency Response, Electronic Arts Intermix, New York

        Ecstasy Apocalypse, School of Visual Arts, New York, by Thyrza Goodeve 

        LA Art Book Fair, Printed Matter booth, The Geffen Contemporary at MoCA, Los Angeles

        Material Concerns, RARE, New York 

2012 Art | Basel Miami, release with Printed Matter, New York / Art Metropole, Toronto

        Art | Basel Miami, (AA Bronson & Bradford Kessler), with Esther Schipper Gallery, Berlin

        Live Free And Die, Parade Ground, New York

        Young And Not Stupid, (with AA Bronson) Anthology Film Archives, New York, by Jana Leo

        Missinglinks, Electronic Arts Intermix, New York

        Hearth Gods XXXVII, Jimmy's, New York, by Michael Yates Crowley

        Place / Discplace / Replace, School of Visual Arts, New York, by Sirra Sigurðardóttir

        Pool Party, Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn

        Brucennial: Harderer, Strongerer, Fasterer, by Bruce HIgh Quality Foundation, New York

2011 Resistance To ___________, (with Matt Hope), The Temple, Beijing

        Young And Not Stupid, Anthology Film Archives, New York, by Jana Leo

2010 Songzhuang Art Festival, James Rosenquist, (with Chip Rountree), Songzhuang Museum of Art

        Origin of life, Caochangdi Dog Restaurant, (with Chip Rountree), Beijing

2009 Origin of life, (with Chip Rountree), Dafeng Gallery, Beijing

2008 Between Spaces, Dafeng Gallery, Beijing

        Beijing Int'l Film Festival, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

        The Dark Side, Urban Nomad Film Festival, Taipei Film Archive, Taipei

2007 Beijing Int'l Film Festival, Mao Livehouse, Beijing

2006 Run For Your Life, Spring Brain Monkey, Shizuoka City, Japan

        Geisai 10, Tokyo Big Site, Tokyo


Kunsthalle Wichita, 2015-present

Kessler & Kessler, 2011-present

Prairie Fortress Press, 2005-2015

PACE (House), Lawrence, 2003-2005


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