Stink By Instinct

Welcome Screen, London



Pseudoparalysis III or IV (the sound of a memory)
tennis ball gag, aquatinted resin with dead sea minerals

little pet painting with complex
Martha Stewart specialty finish on canvas, dog harness, chain
12 x 10 inches inches

8 x 8 inches

Pseudoparalysis II or III (from Abstract Depressionism)
aquatinted resin with dead sea minerals, guache on watercolor paper, cup
24 x 4 x 24 inches

pencil on paper
diptych 18 x 24 inches each

Pseudoparalysis IV or V (you can't kick a man while he's down if he's a ghost)
shirt collar, necktie, dust, patches
4 x 7 x 18 inches

Pseudoparalysis I or II or  "_|  after Master's Scent
plastic casts, my mucus, topical analgesic rub, faux leather, stretchers
58 x 82 inches