Ever Renewed and Renewing
Fitness Center for Arts & Tactics


Success achieved, Brad never stays

for only by never staying does he not depart

- Lao Zi, Dao De Ching

All Boys go to Heaven (Puer | Senex)
fluorescent daylight bulbs, Tornado bracket mounts, tennis balls, plaster casts of me and my Dad

New Yorkgrr

magnet, wallpaint, dirt, dog feces

Jade before sudden death
stenciled airbrush, painted ceramic, glaze

smells like friends
plastic casts, my mucus, topical analgesic rub

creeping inland from the shores of the immortal sea
temporary tattoo, gessoed canvas, Dog's Life rope toy with dead sea minerals and anti-aging cream

little pet painting
gessoed canvas, tennis ball

little pet painter
performance with sound