Eternity Pains
Bradford Kessler MFA Thesis Exhibition
School of Visual Arts, New York


Continuous Portrait of Bart (Eternal Boy)

3D printed plaster, polyurethane, acrylic jewelry blocks, interlocking stainless steel key chains, steel brackets

mirrored glass, glass eyes
1. 36 x 36 in, 2. 36 x 48 in, 3. 20 x 30 in, 4. 60 x 24 in , 5. 12 x 12 inches

All Boys go to Heaven (Puer | Senex)
climbing robe, Metolius training grips, fluorescent daylight bulbs, Tornado bracket mounts,
rubber dog toys, plaster casts of me and my Dad

Diorama (True-Death Adventure 1)
Quest 4D GTX hiking boots by Solomon, vinyl stickers

Cross #9
fluorescent daylight tubes, fixtures, flatscreen TV mount, chain necklace, laser cut acrylic

Cross #8
embroidery by Mom, "The Animal That Therefore I Am" by Jacques Derrida, "Vampires" by Jalal Toufic, plywood, spring clamps, glow in the dark dog toys

Lord of Never Part I: Puer Dawn
starring Malachi Young & Bradford Kessler
live score by A Pleasure

Lord of Never Part II: Dusk Diggers
starring FlucT & Bradford Kessler
music by Sigrid Lauren

Fortress of Solitude
Lotions, petroleum jelly, skin creams, KY Jelly, tissues, Superman comics, handcuffs, Super Sculpey, plaster,
vacuform plastic, solution with artist urine, sperm, fingernails, hair, Bart sculpture by Yasmeen, and c-prints in SVA Nature & Technology Lab collection case