Dove James

Everything is Replaceable
ex-boyfriend's laptop, USB Port Man, positive pregancy tests, string

Andrew Birk

sound, 1 hour

Jonathan Chapline

Glass on Table, April 23 ( 41.052500, -71.947333 )
inkjet and gouache on absorbent paper, panel

Marie Karlberg

Hoher Besuch
rubber, brass, metal, wiring, bulb


#5A Series: The Limits of Perception and the Rectangular Frame 4
acrylic paint on glass

Yasmeen Alsudairy

Half Door
sawed aluminum door

R.Lyon's "Pussy Catalog"
color photocopied and hand bound July edition 2013 Playboy, photographs of Hurricane, American Shorthair, 154 pages

Seirin Nagano

3D prints, table, chairs , mirror

Dove James

Rooftop Romance (Secret Brooklyn Lover)
oil on canvas, cockroach, butterfly broach

Dove James

Tropical Heart
oil on canvas, pineapple, kitchen knife

Lena Henke

grey Gardens
watercolor on paper, framed

R.Lyon & Jessie Stead

Slides: /
face mounted transparencies and mixed materials on glass. Unique URL Registration

Bradford Kessler

little pet painting
gessoed canvas, tennis ball

Keil Borrman & Paul Jacobsen

Print Plate Stack

& amp;

Security Guard

R.Lyon & Jessie Stead

Golden Champagne Spread Series
archival inkjet print on transparency

Kristin Smallwood

Jake Dibeler & Kristin Smallwood as Kristen Smallwood

Katie Torn

3D animation

Monument from Katie Torn on Vimeo.


In the delusion of tension, conquest in the ocean

Jesse Greenberg

Masticate and Elevate
urethane plastic, pigment, sawdust

Jesse Greenberg

SkiNN Dish
silicone, pigment, marbles

Jonathan Chapline

House Plants, November 17 and ( 40.715333, -73.964167 )

Window Study 2, June 14 ( 40.732167, -73.992333 )
inkjet on on absorbent paper mounted on panel

Debora Delmar Corporation

Trade Culture
Bed Bath and Beyond Passport cotton shower curtain dyed in Ground Dark Roast Organic Rainforest Alliance
Certified Mexican HG Coffee punctuated with nude bra

Parker Ito

Parked Domain Girl
c-print, frames

Angela Conant

Thousand-paged Newspaper
offset print, inkjet print, pencil and collage on 1000 pages of newsprint

Labanna Babalon

My Movie

Raul De Nieves


Jesse Greenberg

Sisters Cubes
urethane plastic pigment

Jasper Spicero

M&M's dye on paper towel

Jesse Greenberg

SkiNN Slab
silicone, pigment